About Us



AMF Consulting LLC was founded in 2008 by Allan Farris. The primary focus of AMF Consulting is to help start up businesses build an effective strategy for long term success and growth. It’s important for every business to have a strong foundation that allows room for evolution as the business world changes. In order to ensure success, it is vital to put together a strategy that is up to date and specific with the needs of your customers and clients. That’s why we have developed strong relationships with industry leaders in an array of different markets and industries. Matching start up businesses with proper consultants that are industry specific is what has lead AMF Consulting to 10 years of growth and success.


The first step in realizing your dream is to describe your vision to us. That allows us to get a full understanding of your long term goals. Once we understand where you are trying to go, we use our resources to help you get there. Whether you need everything from investor funding and complete structuring, or you just need help in certain areas, we devise a plan that is suitable for your particular situation.

Our Services

AMF Consulting offers business services that are designed to take your company to the next level. Whether you're looking to start a business or to give your existing business the extra something to capture the market share you deserve, we have what it takes.